Planning out 2009 and more random NL2

I haven't been playing much. I decided to play some NL2 just before I slept today. Playing poker when tired is always a terrible idea. I just wanted to quit as soon as I started.

So obviously I then go on my biggest downswing ever at NL2 (maybe second biggest) of 4 buyins. This is over literally a million hands I have played there and hundreds of sessions. After almost 4k hands I manage to climb back close to even and then get fucked 2nd nut flush to nut flush and tilt closed all the tables.

I tilt reopened 24 tables 5 minutes later and went on perhaps my biggest heater ever at NL2 in 400 hands...and quit. Fuck this game. It makes no sense at all lol. How the hell is it not rigged, seriously?

Anyways, I am really excited for 2009. It won't include any NL2 or NL5. I have big plans and big goals as usual. I would rather set the bar insanely high and fail than set it low and achieve some mediocre success. I really haven't achieved many of the goals (if any) that I have set out in this blog but it has at least helped me improve somewhat, especially in the last 6 months.

So my plans include a serious run at Supernova Elite. I expect to play at least 3 million hands. I want to be at NL50 by mid February, NL100 by April, NL200 by early summer and be able to game select up to NL1000 by the end of the year.

I won't set a monetary goal because they are kind of pointless in this game, but it will be a big number, and a very big number if I achieve SNE.

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