Day 2

Hands Played Today: 7223

Total Hands Played: 11257

Hands Needed: 188743

Pace: 13333 (-2076)

Jog: Yes (1/15)


Got a few more hands in today than yesterday. Honest reason for not getting going right away. Stars had a big update requiring patches to several scripts and PT. I have no complaints about how I'm running once again. Think today was my 2nd biggest day winnings wise ever, at the limits I play. 19 ptbb/100 ftw.


  1. Hi there Nate
    You're not really good at hiding from
    google hehe :)
    I have played 5NL today with you
    we both multi tabled like crazy, but only 10-18 for me.
    On my PT you are actually 27/ptbb
    over 2200 hands, I'm glad you are doing well.
    I deposited today and started right off around 6-7pm cnt my goal is to get in at least 25k hands before moving up to 10NL.
    If you wanna know whats my name on stars, or talk poker drop me an email at
    See ya at the table
    Good luck friend

  2. Oh. I see how you found me on google now hehe. I suck at hiding =/ Thanks for dropping by. GL at the tables and I will email you.


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