Day 1

Hands Played Today: 4034

Total Hands Played: 4034

Hands Needed: 195966

Pace: 6667 (-2633)

Jog: No (0/15)


So I'm a bit behind pace to start the month off. A combination of lazyness and a few things I needed to do today. I have been slacking a bit this past week. I have been running better and often only playing one session per day. I have to get that fire back to get going right away in the morning and have multi session days.

I have to stop letting hours and hours go by before I play my first session of the day. I still dread playing each day to some extent. Its what I have been dealing with for so long. It is some sort of mental block that perhaps won't ever fully go away.

I won on 30 of 31 days last month. On that lone losing day, I only lost 2 buyins (which means absolutely nothing to me) and I could have turned it into a winning day easily, if I stuck around longer. I literally never lose and even if I did, it wouldn't matter because I am so overrolled. Yet there is still some irrational fear that I am doing something risky each day.

But, luckily, the mental block is just getting myself going. Once I sit down and load the tables up, I'm totally fine, and I really enjoy the challenge of the game each day. So it really all starts with the first session of the day. I have to get on it right away and force myself sometimes if need be.

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