July Review/August Goals

Well. I didn't manage to play another hand of poker for the rest of July, which means that I played 94k hands this month. This is woefully short of my goal of 200k hands. 94k is significantly above my average for the year, but it is still very disappointing to fall that short of my goal.

From a review of my July posts, it seems pretty obvious where the problem lies. I took 18 days off this month! Which means that I only played on 13 of the 31 days in the month. This is just ridiculous.

My play is incredibly streaky. If I get playing it snowballs and I will want to play each day. If I take just one day off, it turns into another and it becomes harder and harder for me to even think about playing. This has to stop.

Usually the stretches of nonplay start with getting smashed and using the hangover as an excuse to not play. Though I don't drink much it always starts my streak of nonplay. Solution? Don't drink.

Lastly, when downswings happen I need to handle them better. 1,2,3,4 outers are completely normal and I have to accept that. They will always happen as long as I play this game.

I need to get out more and go for a bike ride when the cards are killing me. More exercise in general will help me deal with this better.

So on to my goals for August.

  1. 200k hands
  2. No drinking
  3. No days off
  4. Jog 20 times

I expect to meet all of these goals. This isn't a hard life I have. None of these things are overly difficult to me. August has to be a breakthrough month for me.

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