Day 1

Hands Played Today: 7120

Total Hands Played: 7120

Hands Needed: 192880

Pace: 6667 (+453)

Jog: Yes (1/20)


Didn't feel well today at all. My sleep last night really sucked. So I was glad to get in as many hands as I did. Also said no tonight to going out drinking all night with my brother and friends. Hard, but the right decision. The only way I'm gonna be successful is if, when I say I'm going to do something, I do it!

I ran like complete shit all day. But I just laughed it off. I did very well with that today. I finally made some money at the very end when AA and stuff finally held against friday night morons.

Maybe its a sign I am breaking out of this downswing. I think it lasted over 20k hands. Seen em many times before. Just gotta laugh more when it happens. It really doesn't matter. I always win at poker in the end.

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