Day 5

Hands Played Today: 12763

Total Hands Played: 38762

Hands Needed: 161238

Pace: 33335 (+5427)

Jog: No (3/20)


Most hands ever played in one day. Beat the old record by a few hundred I think. Ran unbelievably bad for the first 5k. Ran average for the last 7k. Today was a sick attempt to break this downswing through brute force.

I briefly changed my game to nit style today b/c these downswings fuck with your confidence so badly. That is bad. Don't do it again. I need to push marginal edges as well as the big ones, always.

Another thought I had today was this. I have played around 1.5 million hands lifetime stretching over several years. This is definitely the worst downswing I have ever faced now. It looks like ones this long are pretty rare. Just get through it. You probably won't see one like this again for a long time.

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