Day 31

Hands Played Today: 3273

Total Hands Played: 184827!!

Hands Needed: 15173

Pace: 200000 (-15173)

Jog: Yes (14/20)


Finished off the month with another good session. Late rally these past few days saved my month. Winrate on the month (7.88 ptbb/100) was still significantly below what I expected (10 ptbb/100) but I will take it.

I played 140 hours total on the month for an average of almost 4.5 hours per day. This is pretty close to what is required on your average 9-5 job. However poker is much more intense and requires much more focus than your standard office job. So coming close to those hours is an achievement.

I played about 60000 more hands this month than I have in any month previous spanning 4 years. That is amazing. I played every single day in August and I won on 30 of 31 days. That one losing day was my first ever at the limits I play.

This stuff probably sounds unbelievable to anyone who plays this game and may be reading this. Literally never losing is certainly not the norm in this game. I win all the time because I play very low limits and my edge there is enormous (see above winrate).

I don't post my screen name or exactly what limits I play for anonymity (prevent people from googling me or themselves and finding this). And also because its embarrassing how low I play.

That will change in the future. I will move up in September and I will post the limit and possibly earnings (like I did before in this blog), but I will still hide my screen name.

I will write a post outlining September goals tomorrow. Here is my graph for the month. Click on image to enlarge.

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