Day 30

Hands Played Today: 3516

Total Hands Played: 181554

Hands Needed: 18446

Pace: 193548 (-11994)

Jog: No (13/20)


Another good session today.

EDIT: I am an idiot. There are 31 days in August! I just posted a huge long report on the month, which I will now post tomorrow! Pace stuff posted all month was also assuming August had only 30 days in it lol.


  1. Anonymous01 September

    Not an "idiot". I noticed you are becoming popular with 3 readers, that is great. I look forward to reading what you have to say for your month's end. I also want you to know your daily logs/entries have been an inspiration to me. I thank you for that inspiration.

  2. Thanks. Keeping this blog has helped me too.


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