Day 13

Hands Played Today: 8544

Total Hands Played: 83050

Hands Needed: 116950

Pace: 86671 (-3621)

Jog: Yes (7/20)


Today was yet another unreal day. I had to stop at one point to avoid going on tilt. I think of the 13 days so far this month, I have run horribly bad for 10 of them. I've never seen anything like this. Nothing even close to this through four years.

My winrate this month is about 35% lower than what its been for over 200k previous hands in the same game. This is the most insane stat of them all: Through 83k hands this month, KK is a losing hand for me. Its hard to imagine that even being possible.

On a different note, I did play the most insane hand I have ever played today. I have never lost with quads, but I can now say, I have beaten someone with quads. I think thats like my 12th Royal alltime. I actually had one yesterday also, which I didn't post. I run good at getting them obv lol

Poker Stars, NL Hold'em Cash Game, 7 Players - Hand History Converter

Pre-Flop: K A dealt to Hero (MP)

2 folds, Hero raises to 6BB, CO calls 6BB, 3 folds

Flop: (13.4BB) T J Q (2 Players)

Hero checks, CO checks

Turn: (13.4BB) 8 (2 Players)

Hero checks, CO bets 18BB, Hero calls 18BB

River: (49.4BB) 8 (2 Players)
Hero bets 203.2BB and is All-In, CO calls 49BB and is All-In

Results: 147.4BB Pot (7BB Rake)
Hero showed K A (a Royal Flush) and WON 140.4BB (+67.4BB NET)
CO mucked 8 8 and LOST (-73BB NET)

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