Day 12

Hands Played Today: 8441

Total Hands Played: 74506

Hands Needed: 125494

Pace: 80004 (-5498)

Jog: No (6/20)


Ran pretty horrific today. This month has just been unreal. I was down 2 buyins in the second session before I could even get all the tables up lol. KK runs into AA aipf. Then literally 30 seconds later, same thing cept I have the AA this time. K on the flop though. gg me. Lost a deepstacked pot later on with AA to a reg's KK, all in on turn, king riv lol.

I eventually found me some donkies tho and made some money. I think I'm just getting numb to the beats by now. You play this many hands each day, you see the sickest stuff possible on a regular basis. There is no individual hand that matters. There is no individual session that matters. My PT database for the month and year is all that matters.

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