Day 2 & 3

Hands Played Today: 11611

Total Hands Played: 18589

Hands Needed: 181411

Pace: 19356 (-767)


I didn't actually get a chance to play on Day 2. I stayed the night at a friends after the concert. Day 3 I played a lot. Over 4 sessions I probably ran close to average by the end. Sessions 1 &3 were a bit brutal and I ran pretty good in 2 & 4. I will fix that slightly negative pace tomorrow.

Just some thoughts on the mass multi tabling. Slow your mind down. Sometimes I get too emotionally invested in pots or against certain players. It doesn't matter what happens, so long as I made the correct play. Really focus on correct lines and bet sizing.

Stop worrying about being backlogged on some other tables. They can wait. I'm costing myself a decent amount each session by mistakenly folding PP's PF and not taking the time to consider the profitable price I often get with longshot draws.

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