Day 1

Hands Played Today: 6978

Total Hands Played: 6978

Hands Needed: 193022

Pace: 6452 (+526)


Have to cut the day short cuz I'm going to that concert tonight (Kenny Wayne Shepherd). Happy to get in that many hands. Ran about normal I felt. My winrate is already absurdish high cuz I play such low stakes but was even higher today. 24 ptbb/100 lol.

I think this is due to some recent adjustments to my game (i.e. not worrying about the plethora of stations at low limits and just playing my standard aggro LP game anyways). 15/11/3 stats.

Would like to put in a ton of hands this week. Stars is putting on a double VPP/FPP promotion all week. Definitely a great reason to get way ahead of pace for this challenge.

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