Day 18

Hands Played Today: 7099

Total Hands Played: 71979

Hands Needed: 128021

: 116129 (-44150)


Ran like God today. No one would believe how much money I make at micro stakes if I told them. I've been on a true heater the past 14k hands. I don't believe I have ever had a heater this long before in over a million lifetime hands. Its amazing how quickly things change. Just 2 days ago, I was finishing up a frustrating 20k hand downswing.

I always tell myself, if I can just get on a real heater one time, I'm gonna destroy these stakes at a winrate no one has ever heard of before. Well, 25ptbb/100 today, and I think it was pretty similar yesterday. Times are good, but this game has so many hills and valleys, there is no point in considering it much further.

It will be quite difficult to complete this challenge of 200k hands for the month. I am not giving up. But at least there are smaller more achievable goals that I can be happy with. #1 would be breaking my record of 125k hands in one month. I believe I can certainly do that. 150k or more and I will be relatively happy. And I will try this challenge again next month.

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