Day 17

Hands Played Today: 7334

Total Hands Played: 64880

Hands Needed: 135120

: 109677 (-44797)


Got in an ok amount of hands today. Just 2 sessions, 3k hands and 4k hands. Gonna need more if I'm gonna have any chance in this challenge. On the bright side, I actually ran good today and made a bunch of money. Thats always nice.

Its amazing how you can run bad for 20k hands and then all of a sudden, like a light switch, the bad beats and coolers stop, you start making sets again etc. and the money pours in again. I play way better when I am running average or good than when running bad. I have to focus on solid play when running bad. It really makes all the difference in the world on your winrate.

I noticed my stamina is also increasing for longer sessions. Good eating habits and exercise have a lot to do with that. I've been trying to think of when to put my workout in and I think after the first session, every other day, is the best spot for it.

The last thing that I want to stress is this. YOU HAVE TO BE PATIENT when playing against total retards. Stop trying to ram and jam stuff down their throat. Since they will call anything, all you end up doing is value betting their hands for them. I waste too much money trying to outplay a moron who called a huge raise with K4. He hit a Kxx flop and my QQ is no good. He isn't folding, thats the one thing we know for sure. Paying off moron sized bets is one thing. Raising pot and shoving is totally different and complete spew against this sort of opponent.

Its boring as fuck, but you MUST be patient and wait for hands, against an army of calling stations.

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