Reopening of this blog and Barry Greenstein

I am going to start posting in this blog again and perhaps try to grow it and get a real readership. I will probably change the focus here. It won't be just all about my poker playing. There will still be a lot of that, but I will probably post more about the game in general and perhaps personal things from time to time.

I want to mention Barry Greenstein here. I generally don't have much respect for the TV poker players. #1 reason being, they are really bad at poker for the most part. Most poker shows on TV are for the fish though, so I give them credit for being the celebrities they are and continuing to grow the game.

One notable exception is Barry Greenstein. The guy is mega educated, very successful and has been around the block a long time. I would encourage anyone to pick up his book, "Ace on the River." Its the best piece of literature on poker I have ever read, and there is very little of anything technical in it (e.g. David Sklansky books).

But the main reason I bring him up here, is because he is becoming the head of the PPA's push to get rid of that silly piece of legislation enacted last fall, called the UIGEA. In fact, after a recent trip to Washington, with a bunch of other TV pros, he has predicted on his new audio blog that we are likely going to see a reversal of this legislation within 6 months time. This is all still speculation at this point, but I think if there is any one person in poker who can make this happen, its him. I thank him.

This short audio clip was taken from a Live at the Bike broadcast from late last year. The interviewer is Bart Hanson. Barry gives an excellent summary concerning Washington politics and why we see gross hypocrisy in bills like the UIGEA and others.

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