So I managed to play some poker last night. I took the last month and a half off. No idea why really. I'm basically retarded and like to throw away thousands of dollars. But nonetheless I'm back...again. Just going to play some low limits for the next week or so. My MT ratio was only 8.4 tonight and it felt fast at times lol (small disclaimer: FTP hands/hr has improved 10-15% since I last played). When I get use to 12 tabling again this will mean about 800 hands per hour. Nice.

I'm also going to start using an FTP AHK script (see 2+2 software forum). It only costs $25 and so far I'm pretty sure I am a massive idiot for not getting this thing before. Auto reload, customizable bet buttons on mouse or keyboard and even preset amounts. It will make multitabling on FTP so much easier.

Rakeback (May) +$703

Hands Played (NL25): 1105

Results: +$58

Bankroll: $6227

Amount Needed: $3773

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