Some 5am Reflections

So I keep pouring over the numbers in PT, trying to find out what the problem is. There are a few areas I need to work on

1) Lower my postflop aggression

I have an AF of 4.7
I need to stop trying to run calling stations over. Check more missed flops, especially OOP.

2) Stop sitting at tables with shortstacks.

I am too often just adding any table out of laziness. And I am often finding myself having to fold to some idiotstacks mini reraise preflop. Before I join any table, I need to make sure it is predominantly comprised of full stacks.

3) Run better

There is nothing I can do about this. But the numbers are staggering. Running that program that I posted a few weeks back, I am now down an astonishing $870 in EV on FT, over 85k hands, since I started playing there a few months ago. Since I have played predominantly NL50 still, this represents a ridiculous 17 lost buyins for that game, due to bad luck. Yesterday alone, the numbers say that I should have been down $80, not $340 or whatever it was.

I am not a member of the "It's rigged" crowd. I have seen other players graphs and prolonged downswings, much greater than 15k hands happen. I haven't had it easy in my poker career, being down EV on Stars and now to a ridic level on FTP. Yet I am still a lifetime 4ptbb/100 winner across all levels over the 300k hands that I have tracked in PT. I've seen people saying in forums that 4ptbb/100 is the best that can be achieved now in today's middle limit online NL games. Well if that is so, I guess I am doing a few things right.

I am going to get a late night session in tomorrow at NL50. I want to be cognizant of the first 2 ideas above and hopefully, the third one comes my way some day. I am not moving down by any means. I just need to go crush a lower game, and regain some confidence back.

These times are trying, but I will pull through. I have always been a winner. One week of breakeven poker, doesn't change that.

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