The waters settle

After the huge swings up and down that welcomed me to NL100, today was a little bit more "normal." I probably should have been up $500 today. I made a couple mistakes. Especially the old classic, running your QQ into the maniac, the one time he has Aces.

I see now that this guy runs 55/12. I have tried HUD's and just can't get around the lag issue on FTP so I didn't know that he was exactly 55/12 at the time. But I knew he was crazy. Previously, in a hand where I made it like 10 or 15 to go with AKs in LP after a limp parade, he called with 89 off. So he is real bad, but maniacs get aces too. I have to get away here

I knew this guy was really bad also. 29/6 as I see now. I think my play here is good. Just can't hit my outs. Story of the night.

Against another 78/6 maniac and a decent, tho very nitty and uncreative, regular. Was pretty sure I had the reg set over setted, tho its close. He had 33, so this was correct. And the maniac can have any 2 cards. Obv hoping it was 2 pair rather than the straight. But still, this is a clear call. Just can't hit my outs again.

Again just can't hit the cards. Haven't run the numbers but my equity in this pot is def higher than either of theirs. Can't fold here ever.

Some of the donations

Exploiting the nits. I have some of these guys as my biggest donators in PT. So these occasional moves, to outplay them, are paying off.

Hands Played: 3091

Results: +$194

Bankroll: $5810

Amount Needed: $4190