The ugliness continues

I continue to run pretty bad. I am getting the money in good and playing extremely well but they are catching the 2, 3 or 4 outer nearly everytime. Also I am never hitting sets as the PF caller. Nothing I can do about it. It would be really nice to run decent again b/c I would kill the game like I have done all thru this blog. But my hands are tied at the moment.

I am very pleased with my play and continue to post profits even with all the BS. And I know with such heavy play, my rakeback will be huge next month. I can't complain.

This hand I'm not too sure how to play any differently. Obv the shortstack isn't important. But what can you do when some fish limps 54o in EP, then calls 5 more BB, then calls down on a dream flop for AA? Am I supposed to put this person on a 5?

So much of Full Ring is just autobot poker. But often I do experiment with different lines especially when running bad. You don't get any hands. As a friend told me the other day, "make some." This was a failed attempt. Perhaps poorly timed but I have a lot of outs.

This was a successful attempt. I rarely do this kinda stuff cuz I'm only playing 50NL where first level thinking is about all my opponents can handle. That is..."what cards am I holding?" But again, I try to experiment from time to time.

Hands Played: 3034

Results: +$61

Bankroll: $4884

Amount Needed: $5116

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