So am I lucky?

I've been wanting to try this thing for awhile and finally got around to it. Its a script which calculates your EV and expected monetary results in Allin situations. Basically your "Sklansky Bucks." It was developed by some of the nerds in the software forum over at 2+2.

Fair warning. This program is not user friendly, but if you are somewhat competent with PC's you should be able to figure it out.
D/L this file and put it in a folder with the rest of these
you have to put pokenum.exe into the same directory**

Download Pokenum.exe in this link**

and also the postgres jdbc drivers (im using 8.2)

put everything into the same folder, edit settings.txt and run the bat

have fun
This was made by advis0r, his name is the same on stars if you want
to donate.

Credit for the above block quote goes to

You need to have your PT Databases converted to PostgreSQL in order to make this thing work. Check out the PT forums for info on how to do that. It is worth the effort, trust me.

Make sure when you edit the settings for the prog that they look like this:

db_host = localhost
db_name =(lookup under file>maintain DB names in PT)
db_user = postgres
db_pwd = (DB password you entered when installing PostgreSQL)
screenname = (Your SN on the poker site)
filter_date = 2001-01-01(obv change to filter for newer results only)
filter_stake = none
filter_maxev = 1.0
filter_minev = 0.0
debug_mode = 0

So I post all these winning sessions on this blog here and I have made a significant amount of money at this game over the years (basically all at low stakes, NL200 or lower) Am I just lucky?

Site: Pokerstars

Duration: Alltime

found 1258 headsup allin situations
won: 776 lost: 448 tied: 34
average potsize: 48.04$
average ev: 0.6227
money won: 35594.59$
money expected (based on allin equity): 36046.65$
money difference: -452.06$

Site: Full Tilt

Duration: Alltime

found 340 headsup allin situations
won: 209 lost: 120 tied: 11
average potsize: 38.90$
average ev: 0.6215
money won: 7804.50$
money expected (based on allin equity): 8315.12$
money difference: -510.62$

As you can see, when I am in an allin situation, I usually have 62% equity in the pot. Still, I am out almost $1000 USD in expected value. Also Full Tilt has screwed me much more than Pokerstars ever did as I am down more money in much fewer hands and at lower stakes =/

I am Unlucky

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