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best online poker site 2019

People often ask me what are the best poker sites these days. And this is difficult for me to answer because there are many factors involved depending on your situation and goals in the game.

But for me personally, the number one thing that I look for when deciding where to play poker is recreational players.

More commonly referred to as "fish."

These are the players who play too many hands, often play out of position, call down with any pair or draw, I am sure you know the type!

So this is why I recommend looking for a poker site with a high "reg to fish" ratio. This means that for reg (or regular) player who you encounter, there is also a decent amount of bad players (fish).

The easiest way to do this is by simply playing some hands or even just observing the tables for yourself.

Are there lots of players limping too much? Do pots go to showdown multi-way a lot? Are you seeing a lot of weak hands at showdown? And so on.

If you are using a poker HUD like I suggest if you are serious about winning at online poker, then this is even easier.

Just look for the players with a VPIP of 40% or more.

This is the same whether you play 6max, Zoom, full ring or tournaments. Next let's move on to strategy.

Advanced Poker Strategy to Win at Poker

One of the best ways to start winning consistently at poker these days is also to start learning some advanced poker strategy.

You need to know how to beat good poker players as you move up the stakes and therefore it is vital that you understand advanced poker math, GTO theory and exploitative strategy.

Easiest online poker sites

You also need to start understanding how ranges work, how to analyze hands deeper with equity tools and the basics of solver theory.

There are plenty of excellent advanced poker training programs these days which will teach you how to do all this.

My #1 advanced poker training program for 2020 is The Upswing Poker Lab.

This is the only advanced poker course in the world that is taught exclusively by world class poker pros with millions of dollars in winnings both online and live.

If you are struggling to turn a profit in the lower stakes games and you want to learn the advanced poker strategies to take your game to an elite level, then I recommend enrolling in this poker training.

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What if you are just starting out though and you barely know the basics?

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