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People ask me all the time where to play online poker these days. What are the fishiest poker sites to play on?

Now, before I get started though, you should know that the #1 criteria for me when choosing an online poker site is fish (bad players).

There is honestly no other factor that even comes close for me.

And that is because as a 10+ year online poker pro, I am well aware of where most of my profits come from. They come from consistently playing against really bad poker players.

Best Online Poker Sites - Focus on the Fish

Real poker pros know that the big money in this game comes from the recreational players, the fish. It doesn't come from battling it out with other good tough regulars.

You know the type.

Bad poker players are the ones who:
  • Play way too many hands
  • Call you down with anything
  • Chase every ridiculous draw 
And so on.

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While these players will get lucky against you from time to time, in the long run they are literally giving away their money to you.

In fact, these are the players who literally bankroll the entire industry.

So for me personally, as a pro, the overwhelmingly important factor when choosing what poker room to play at, is how many fish play there.

In fact, this is how I have been able to consistently make $1000+ per month for over a decade in poker now as I discuss in this new video:

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The bottom line though is if you want to have massive success with poker you are going to need to play at the poker rooms that have the most recreational bad players at them.

Whether you play poker live in the casino or online, this is always changing.

This is why it is important to test, test, test.

Observe the Table Before You Play - Find the Fish

Have a look at any poker table before you decide to sit down and play.

Are there players who are displaying all the signs of fish?

1) Limping preflop

2) Playing too many hands (40+ VPIP if you use a HUD)

3) Calling any pair or draw

4) Showing down bad hands

And so on.

If I do not see one of these types of players at the table, I do not play there.

Period and end of story.

I didn't get into poker to trade money back and forth with other good players. I got into this game to make money, quit my job play professionally and travel the world.

If winning big in poker is also a priority for you, then I would suggest that you take your game selection very seriously.

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