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Access To My Private Poker Forum is for Purchasers of My Poker Books or My Poker Video Course Only

My poker forum is private. It is NOT open to the public.

The reason for this is to maintain a strong positive learning environment full of serious motivated poker players who are looking to improve their game and help each other.

You can post your poker strategy questions and your poker hands to get direct feedback from myself and many other pros and semi-pros.

Since I do not offer 1 on 1 coaching anymore, this is a big bonus for some.

Access to my private poker forum is limited only to those who have purchased one of my poker books or my poker video course.

It is one of the key "bonuses" that they receive. This also ensures that I am giving the maximum attention to the people who directly support my work.

My Poker Books and Poker Video Course

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If you have purchased ANY of the above, please create a free account at the link below and I will upgrade your account within 24 hours.

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*Please note that I manually review every single forum signup request. If you are not a book or video purchaser, your forum signup request will be DECLINED.