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Thank you for your interest in my poker coaching! I have coached over 100 students to success at the micros in the past.

Unfortunately though, these days I just do not have the time to be taking on any new students.

1 on 1 coaching is a huge time commitment and investment into that person's progress and I know I need to either be all-in with it or not do it at all.

Since I am focusing heavily on my own poker career right now, I know that I just would not be able to devote the necessary time to really help my students.

However, I do have a ton of free poker help for you on this website, with tons of poker strategy videos, poker strategy articles and more.

Here's How I Can Help You Start Winning at Poker

1) Get My Free Poker Cheat Sheet

For starters I recommend that you download my free poker cheat sheet if you have not done so already.

It is a quick 50 page read and I teach you enough to get you confidently winning consistently in any low stakes online or live poker game very quickly.

2) Check Out My Start Here Page

Secondly, I would also recommend checking out my "Start Here" page. Here you will find all of my best poker strategy articles broken down by skill level for: beginner, novice, advanced and pro.

You will also learn about all of the tools I use as a pro and what I study to improve my own game.

3) Watch My Poker YouTube Strategy Videos

Lastly, make sure you are subscribed to my poker YouTube channel because I put out brand new poker strategy videos every single week to get you crushing the micros.

4) Study Advanced Poker Strategy

If you are still struggling to win at the micro stakes then I also recommend that you start studying some advanced poker strategies. This is the best way to really skyrocket your results in today's poker games.

That should be enough to get you started for now. I wish you all the best at the poker tables and my hope is that I can get you crushing the micros as soon as possible!

blackrain79 coaching