Black Friday Sale: 25% Off All My Poker Books/Videos

Black Friday sale blackrain79

Black Friday is upon us and that means the biggest sale of the year on all my poker strategy books and my poker video course.

Everything will be 25% Off until Monday Nov 29th at midnight EST [12 hours left]

After that, they all go back to regular price.

If you have been waiting around to pick up one of my best selling poker books or my poker video course, now is the time to cash in on some savings.

Don't know which poker book/video course is right for you?

Here are the details:

1. Crushing the Microstakes (Beginner)

The poker book that has been called the "bible" of the micros. 

Crushing the Microstakes has now helped tens of thousands of people turn their results around at the lowest limits both online and live.

If you are new to poker or struggling to turn a profit yet at stakes like 1c/2c or 2c/5c online (or $1/$2 live), then this is the poker book that is going to show you how to finally start winning.

All of the strategies discussed in this book are based off my millions of hands of experience in small stakes poker with some of the highest winnings of all-time online.

There is also an optional video course for this book called the NL2 Mastery Course (6 hours of me playing live at Zoom, 6max and fullring). 

You can literally look over my shoulder, as you see every hand I play, and explain to you how I created some of the highest winnings ever recorded in these games.

To learn more about Crushing the Microstakes (and the optional video course) click here.

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2. Modern Small Stakes (Advanced)

The massive followup effort to CTM. This book teaches you everything you need to know about how to beat all levels of small and mid stakes poker games.

From exactly which hands to play from each position at the table, to when to raise the turn and bluff the fish out of the pot, Modern Small Stakes is a 500 page answer to every situation you could ever find yourself in at the poker tables.

Modern Small Stakes has been called the "encyclopedia" of small stakes poker. 

It is meant for very serious poker players only, looking to rapidly climb up the stakes and learn the cutting edge strategies necessary to beat good players in today's games.

To learn more about Modern Small Stakes, click here.

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3. The Micro Stakes Playbook (Advanced)

My latest and likely final poker book, the Playbook teaches you all of the poker strategies and tricks that I have used as a poker pro for over 10 years now. 

This book was written in particular for aspiring small and mid stakes pros.

And it gives you the keys to the vault to play high level poker, crush the regs and manage your life like a pro away from the tables as well.

If you are currently a semi-pro or somebody who takes this game very seriously, I wrote this book for you. This work is the culmination of my 10+ years as a poker pro.

To learn more about The Micro Stakes Playbook, click here.

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4. The NL2 Mastery Video Course (Beginner)

The NL2 Mastery Course is 6+ hours of me absolutely steamrolling my opponents at the Zoom, 6max and full ring NL2 tables. I also explain every single decision I make to you as I play.

I have arguably the highest winnings of all time in these games. And you can simply "look over my shoulder" and watch exactly how I did it.

It's time to take all the guesswork out. 

See exactly which hands I play and how I exploit low stakes players in order to win the absolute maximum amount, every single time in Zoom, 6max and full ring.

If you have been struggling to win consistently at the lower limits for way too long now, this is the video series for you.

Because you literally get to watch exactly how I play, every single hand. 

9 videos in total. Each one is roughly 45 minutes in length. 

Download and watch them on the go or stream them online.

Use my strategies and go crush these poker games for yourself.

To learn more about The NL2 Mastery Course, click here.

Enter discount code BlackFriday25 to instantly get 25% Off.

Free Bonuses Included With All My Poker Books and Videos

Remember that all of my poker videos and my poker books also come with 2 very popular FREE bonuses:

1) The Ultimate Zoom Poker Strategy Guide
2) The Starting Poker Hand Selection "Cheat Sheets"

As you guys know, I rarely run sales on my poker books or videos.

So make sure you take advantage of this Black Friday Sale, 25% Off all my poker books and my poker video course.

Fair warning though, I will be shutting the sale down at midnight EST on Monday Nov 29 [12 hours left]

All the best at the poker tables.

Nathan "BlackRain79" Williams
Poker Pro and Best Selling Poker Author