Is Partypoker Rigged? Here are the Facts [2024]

Is partypoker rigged?

People often ask me if partypoker is rigged or not. And believe me I get it, sometimes you can get an unbelievable amount of bad beats when you play on partypoker.

In fact, this was the first online poker room I ever played on when I first discovered the game of poker way back in 2004.

So here's the gist of it:

Partypoker is not rigged. It just feels that way sometimes due to the incredible fast speed of online poker. A regular online poker table deals 3 times as fast as a live poker table. And a partypoker FastForward table can deal up to 10 times as fast. This means that you will receive between 3 and 10 times as many bad beats as you are used to. This causes many people to incorrectly assume that partypoker is rigged.

But there is a lot more to discuss, so let's jump into it!

Why Do Some People Think Partypoker is Rigged? Is Partypoker Legit?

People have been complaining that online poker sites like partypoker are rigged literally since the dawn of time. As mentioned, partypoker is one of the oldest and most popular online poker sites in the world.

If there were truly something amiss with this online poker room, you would think somebody would have solved the case by now!

So yes, I would have to say that partypoker is 100% legit. I have personally played a lot of hands on this site over my 10+ year career as an online poker pro.

The real reason why some people believe that partypoker is rigged is because it is easier to blame the poker site than to address the real core problems.

After having coached 100+ online poker students in the past I have discovered that the biggest two problems holding most people back are tilt and bad play.

This is something I talk about in more detail in my latest YouTube video.

However, it would also be naive to assume that all online poker sites like partypoker are always legit. After all, humans love to cheat at things.

You need only look at the stock market and the global financial meltdown we had a little over a decade ago if you need any more proof of that!

But is partypoker legit? Is there any widespread rigging of the deal going on at partypoker? Probably not and here are 5 reasons why.

1. Partypoker is a Money Making Machine

One of the biggest reasons why partypoker is probably not rigged is because they make so much money it isn't even funny.

When people say "the house always wins" they mean it, because it is absolutely true.

In 2018 partypoker made a staggering €137 million ($154 million USD) in profit and has been experiencing explosive growth of late.

So much so that there is talk that partypoker might once again regain it's crown as the king of online poker, which it lost many years ago to PokerStars.

There is no poker player on earth who makes anywhere close to this amount of money in a single calendar year.

And what this really means is that partypoker has absolutely no incentive at all to rig anything on it's site.

In fact, it has every reason in the world to protect the integrity of it's games and simply keep collecting massive revenues each year.

This is really one of the single most important reasons why most of the large online poker rooms like partypoker are probably not rigged.

They already make so much money the legit way, why on earth would they ever want to risk this by rigging anything on their site?

2. There is No Evidence That Partypoker is Rigged

The next reason why Partypoker is probably not rigged is kind of a biggie. Like I mentioned, partypoker is one of the longest running and most established online poker rooms.

In fact, I played my very first hand of online poker ever on partypoker way back in 2004.

So if partypoker actually was rigged it stands to reason that all the internet detectives would have solved the case by now.

Clearly there would be some overwhelming, irrefutable evidence by now which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that partypoker is rigged right?

But this has actually been the biggest problem for those who think that partypoker is rigged. They don't have any real evidence.

Instead, most of the so called "evidence" that partypoker is rigged comes in the form of statistically insignificant sample sizes or a series of bad beat stories.

By the way, I actually discussed why you get so many bad beats when playing online poker in my latest video.

What we really need are sample sizes in the millions which conclusively show wide irregularities between the expected value (EV) deal on partypoker and the actual deal on partypoker.

But despite having plenty of modern tracking programs available and hand histories (until partypoker's recent policy change on that), there has never been a single conclusive study showing this.

And this is really where many of the arguments for a site like partypoker fail. There just isn't any real statistically significant evidence.

Instead it is just random bad beat stories from amateurs who do not understand how mathematical variance works in poker.

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3. The Defence Mechanism of Poker Players

The next reason why partypoker is probably not rigged is because many losing poker players simply use this as a defence mechanism.

Here's the thing about poker players. Poker is kind of like driving. Everybody thinks they are at least "pretty good" at it.

But the reality is that most poker players at the lower stakes in particular make large fundamental mistakes on a regular basis.

They also tilt like crazy as soon as the tiniest little bit of adversity comes their way. For example, their pocket aces got "cracked" a few times in a row.

Now it is much easier to simply blame the poker site for being "rigged" than to address the core issues for their lack of success at the poker tables:
  • Tilt
  • Bad play

After having coached 100+ people at the low stakes in particular these are without a doubt the two biggest reasons why most people do not win at poker.

But as they often say, "denial runs the entire industry."

4. The Speed of Partypoker (and FastForward Poker)

The next reason why partypoker is probably not rigged is pretty simple actually. Many amateurs come from a live poker background playing in the casino or in home games.

When they start playing online poker though on partypoker, they are simply not prepared for the speed of the deal.

A normal partypoker game will deal 3 times as fast as a live game in a casino or a home game. And if you are playing FastForward poker on partypoker (which is their fast fold version of the game), the deal can be as much as 10 times as fast as what you are used to.

What this means is that you are going to receive bad beats between 3 and 10 times as fast as you are normally used to at times.

Many people are simply not prepared for this. It's like going from your Toyota to a Ferrari. The speed difference is going to be mind-blowing to you at first.

Online poker is not the same as live poker. It requires a very different mindset because the speed and intensity of the game is multiplied many times over (especially if you multi-table).

You simply cannot bring your live poker mentality to an online poker game on a site like partypoker.

The bad beats, suckouts and coolers are going to happen much, much faster in online poker and you have to prepared for that.

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5. Partypoker Complaints - Don't Play There

The final reason why partypoker is probably not rigged is because they are acutely aware that your continued loyalty as a customer of theirs is part of the reason why they are making $150+ million per year.

They know that you can simply withdraw all of your funds at any time and never come back. And what's worse, you can take your business to one of their competitors.

In fact, this is something that I always tell people who have any partypoker complaints for any reason whatsoever.

If you think there is any reason that partypoker is rigged for example, then simply withdraw all of your money and never play there again.

But most of the people who continually claim that partypoker is rigged keep playing there for years and years. Talk about the definition of insanity!

Look, the bottom line is that online poker is an intensely competitive market. Online poker sites like partypoker value your business greatly.

So this is why they are not going to risk rigging something on their site which, if revealed, would lead to a massive exodus of their customers to a competing online poker site.

How I Became One of the Biggest Winners in Online Poker History at the Micros

Now despite what some people say about online poker sites like partypoker being rigged, I don't even know what to say to that because I have some of the highest winnings ever recorded at the micros in particular.

I guess it must be rigged for me!

Seriously though, as a 10+ year online poker pro with 10+ million hands of poker played, I have perhaps taken more bad beats than any poker player in history.

But it is through understanding that this is simply part of the game that I have been able to make huge amounts of money playing in these games.

This is actually why I originally decided to write Crushing the Microstakes.

Is partypoker rigged?

I wanted people to see that by using a solid TAG (tight and aggressive) strategy and learning to control your levels of tilt, that it was possible to be highly successful in online poker.

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Is Partypoker legit?

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Final Thoughts

So is partypoker legit? Is it rigged against you? Well, in my opinion, the answer is probably no. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, partypoker already makes an obscene amount of money each year simply by collecting rake from all of us.

Therefore, they have absolutely no reason at all to rig the action in their games. In fact, they are highly incentivized to protect the integrity of their games and just let the money keep rolling in.

Even more importantly, there is no actual evidence that partypoker is rigged. Partypoker is one of the oldest, most respected and popular online poker sites.

I actually played my very first hand of online poker on this site way back in 2004.

If there actually were widespread irregularities in the randomness of the deal at partypoker, somebody would have produced an irrefutable study of this by now.

But the reality is that there has never been a single statistically valid set of evidence produced to prove that partypoker is in fact rigged.

Lastly, many losing players like to blame the poker room as a defence mechanism instead of addressing the core issues, bad play and a tilt problem.

Many amateurs coming from a live poker background are also unprepared for the speed of the deal in online poker especially if they multi-table of play fast fold games like FastForward on partypoker.

Lastly, if you want to know how to consistently make $1000+ per month in low stakes poker games on partypoker, make sure you grab a copy of my free poker cheat sheet.

Is Partypoker Legit?