Best Poker Youtube Channels You Need to Watch [2024]

Best Poker Youtube Channels
Poker on YouTube has really taken off in the last several years. There are people making poker vlogs, instructional videos, poker lifestyle videos, poker hand reviews, you name it!

Pretty much if you are looking for good poker content on YouTube these days, there is definitely something out there for you.

So I put together this list of all the best poker YouTube channels that you need to be watching and subscribed to.

1. BlackRain79 Poker

Ok, so without any shame at all, I am obviously going to put my own YouTube channel up there in the #1 slot.

I just hit 100,000 subscribers!

Thank you guys so much for all the support.

Seriously though, do I really think my YouTube poker channel is the best one out there? 

Well, to be honest, no, it probably isn't. 

But I do make beginner friendly poker videos every single week to explain the basics to you, in simple language that anyone can understand.

Such as my recent video: 9 PREFLOP Poker Tips For Beginners (Just Do This!)

I won't try to "wow you" with any complex math, GTO theories or solver analysis.

Instead, when you watch my videos you will learn exactly what hands to play, how much to raise, when to bet, raise, bluff and so on.

In other words, all the stuff that you actually need to know to win at poker!

And none of the fluff.

Never miss my new poker videos. Join 100,000+ who are already subscribed.

2. Doug Polk Poker

Ok, let's talk about some other quality YouTube poker channels now.

Doug Polk has taken "poker entertainment" to a whole new level in recent years with tons of hilarious videos about poker celebrities. Especially a certain guy named KidPoker.

More Rake is Better!

But there is also a strong educational component to the channel where he regularly reviews high stakes poker hands from TV shows like Poker Night in America.

And since Doug is also a very successful high stakes poker player himself his insight is quite frankly 2nd to none among those actively making poker content on YouTube.

Doug also recently completed an extremely popular bankroll challenge where he turned $100 into $10k in small stakes games. If you aren't subbed this guy yet, you should be!

You can go subscribe to Doug Polk's YouTube channel right here.

3. Joe Ingram

Next on the list is Joe Ingram, also known as Chicago Joey among other names. He runs the best poker podcast by far from his YouTube channel.

Always entertaining and always interviewing the biggest names in the sport, this is one of the best poker YouTube channels to be subscribed to.

Joey is more of a PLO player himself - "the great game of pot limit omaha!" However, there is plenty of great educational and entertaining content for all poker players on his channel.

Lastly, Joe Ingram is especially beloved by online poker players due to his frequent calling out of BS within the industry. 

Case in point, his videos earlier this year about America's Card Room allowing bots and other nonsense.

You can go subscribe to Joey's YouTube channel right here.

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Best poker youtube channels
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4.  Gripsed Poker Training

Evan Jarvis over at Gripsed poker training has been putting out great poker educational content on Youtube for many years. He definitely does not get the credit he deserves.

He also just hit 100k subscribers as well. So a big congrats to him on that!

His channel is mostly dedicated towards tournaments and sit and gos but there is some solid strategy content for cash games in there as well from time to time.

There is also a podcast, live streaming and tons of top notch breakdowns of hands from big time poker tournaments. If you play MTTs in particular, you need to be subbed to this channel.

You can go subscribe to Gripsed Poker YouTube channel right here.

5. Andrew Neeme

Have you ever heard of a vlog before? 

Unless you have been living under a rock the past few years I am sure you have. It stands for "video log."

And the godfather of poker vlogging is without a doubt Andrew Neeme.

A small and mid stakes live cash game pro based in Las Vegas, Andrew takes you through the day to day life of a small/mid stakes grinder.

You will find several big name cameos on Andrew's channel as well including Phil Hellmuth, Doug Polk and a host of other big name vloggers like Brad Owen, Trooper and so on.

Lastly, Andrew's video, photography and editing skills are second to none and I find myself binge watching his latest vlogs all too often. If you are a live poker player in particular, this is a no-brainer subscribe.

You can go subscribe to Andrew Neeme's YouTube channel right here.

6. Brad Owen

Brad Owen is another top notch poker vlogger on YouTube and also a personal favorite of mine.

There is always tons of good poker strategy content on his channel. And his poker hand breakdowns in particular are always outstanding.

There are plenty of big name cameos on this poker YouTube channel as well including none other than Phil Hellmuth, the aforementioned Andrew Neeme and recently last years Main Event champion, Scott Blumstein.

And just like Andrew, Brad does a great job of bringing you into the day to day life of a low/mid stakes live poker pro. Once again, if you play live poker in particular, this is an auto-sub.

You can go subscribe to Brad Owen's YouTube channel right here.

7. Live at the Bike

Live at the Bike is literally an institution in poker streaming. They were doing it online before it was even a thing and before anyone had ever even heard of Twitch.

Live from the famous Bicycle casino in L.A., this poker streaming show features mid and high stakes live cash games with commentary by Bart Hanson, who is an excellent poker player in his own right, among others.

Many poker celebrities frequently come to play in this game including Phil Hellmuth, Jamie Gold, Antonio Esfandiari and Mike "The Mouth" Matusow. And it is always entertaining to say the least.

I have been watching this show for 10 years. It's awesome, go subscribe.

You can subscribe to Live at the Bike on YouTube right here.

8. Daniel Negreanu

You didn't think I was going to forget this guy did you? 

Daniel Negreanu actually has more subscribers on YouTube than anyone else on this list (besides the next channel which I will discuss in a moment).

And for good reason, the guy knows what he is talking about with $40 million dollars in live poker tournament earnings. Daniel is also arguably the most popular poker player on earth.

Daniel's YouTube channel has plenty of good educational content for newer and advanced players with a live poker edge to it.

Daniel also vlogs from time to time for big poker tournaments like the WSOP. Always entertaining and definitely worth your sub.

Heck, it's worth subscribing just for the endless drama between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk alone! Some truly classic stuff.

You can subscribe to Daniel Negreanu's YouTube channel right here.

9. Wolfgang Poker

This guy's poker YouTube channel has come out of nowhere recently to surge past 1 million subscribers. 

Which is totally crazy!

Most of his insane growth is driven by short form content, which is quite frankly, the best on the platform currently, and it isn't even close.

I personally love watching this guy's videos and he deserves all the success he has gained lately.

You can subscribe to the Wolfgang Poker YouTube channel right here.

Final Thoughts

Well there you have it! 

My list of the best poker YouTube channels that you need to be watching and subbed to.

Honestly, there are so many more that I could have included on this list.

For Example:

Check out JohnnieVibes or Mariano or RampagePoker or The PokerBank or Jonathan Little or Alec Torelli, all of whom make top notch poker content on YouTube, and you should check them out!

In fact, I will likely improve this blog post in the future when I get some time in order to give all of these excellent channels the exposure that they deserve also.

Including many more that I missed!

And the reason why I could have mentioned so many more is because quite frankly, the poker content on YouTube these days is better than ever.

From live poker vlogging, to online poker hand breakdowns and strategy to poker celebrity gossip and scandals, it's all there!

Lastly, if you want to know the strategy I use to make $2000+ per month from low stakes poker as a 10 year pro, make sure you grab a copy of my free poker cheat sheet.

Make sure you let me know your thoughts on the best poker YouTube channel in the comments below. Did I miss one of your favorites?

Poker youtube channels


  1. I'll give you an ego boost (make it bigger than it already is).

    The channel I like the most is yours, as you said, because it focus on the micros and the strategies that work on the micros. Watching your videos made me build bank.

    I hate vlogs and seeing those guys humblebragging with "look at me, I'm rich, bla bla bla, look how much I made". I don't care about super fancy plays or theories, they have little place on the micros.

    I care about learning, improving my play (hunting fish) and consequentially winning. Your channel has helped a lot.

    Keep those videos coming, I sometimes have to watch your old ones because there's no new video, though they're a bit outdated, they still contain valuable lessons.

    1. Haha thanks Gulas! I will have more new YouTube videos up soon :)

  2. Crush live poker, jonathan little channel

  3. Why I'm not on that list?

    1. I don't know, why aren't you?

    2. I'm new to the YouTube community but if u can take a look at it and any advice would be appreciated BlackRain. I've read all your books and have been following you for years. Thank you for all you do for us.

      Check out my YouTube channel
      Christopher Torres
      Thank you

    3. Looks good Christopher, all the best with your channel!

  4. Replies
    1. I mentioned him at the end. I am a fan of his poker vlogs, definitely worth checking out.

  5. Great stuff BR79.

  6. Nathan, if you have the time please check out my YouTube channel. I am in the learning process at the micros. I post study sessions, live play and vlogs. The name is PokerDad -

    1. Good luck with your channel.

    2. Lou, i'll check out your vids right now, I also started my own channel recently, microstakes cash game, please check it out, i'm heading over to your channel now, here is my channel.


  7. Thanks for the list; I began wondering recently which YouTube channels were worthwhile. These are great channels! I put yours at the top too, especially since I am trying to grind up from the micros. What do you think of Alec Torelli's Conscious Poker? I haven't made up my mind....

    Thanks for all you do!

    1. Thanks! I have heard of Alec but I haven't watched enough of his videos to comment.

  8. Jaman and the Poker Vlog OG, Trooper97

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. I have seen a bit of Trooper97, I believe he is one of the first poker vloggers.

  9. after you click "subscribe" click the bell next to it for email notification of new videos
    don't think you mentioned that

    1. Ya good point Jim, I added a note about that in the article.

  10. Good list Nathan. For learning how to beat the micro stakes your videos are definitely the best. I just wish you put out more of them! I also subscribe to Doug Polk, Joe Ingram and a few others.

  11. Hey Nathan, I recently started my own channel too, it's not a "this is how to play poker" channel, it's a "this is how I play, what can I do to play better?" channel, it's online microstakes cash game play, if you can check out some vids and provide any feedback would be AMAZING! here is the link to my channel, thanks!