How to Spend Your Pokerstars StarsCoins [2024]

spending your pokerstars starscoins
PokerStars introduced StarsCoin on January 1st of 2016. These are player points that you earn by playing in ring games, tournaments and sit and gos.

We have all been used to the old FPP system for so long. So this change left a lot of people wondering, how do you spend your PokerStars StarsCoins in order to get the highest value?

In this article I am going to explain exactly how to spend your PokerStars StarsCoin in order to get the highest value out of them.

Spend Your StarsCoin on Cash Rebates

The most obvious way to spend your Pokerstars StarsCoin is by simply buying cash rebates in the VIP store. You can access the VIP store directly through your cashier. Once in the store you will see the cash rebates on the left hand side.

As you can see above, these are the current cash rebates that Pokerstars is offering:
  • $10 - 1000 StarsCoin
  • $25 - 2500 StarsCoin
  • $100 - 10000 StarsCoin
  • $1000 - 100000 StarsCoin
  • $10000 - 1000000 StarsCoin
As long as you have enough StarsCoin available in your account, then you can simply place your order and the money will be added into your account immediately.

It doesn't matter what VIP level you are. Also, you can purchase as many cash rebates as you want and at any time.

Lastly, unlike under the old system, there is absolutely no difference in the value that you receive. No matter which cash rebate you choose, you will be getting exactly 1 cent per StarsCoin.

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Pokerstars StarsCoin Satellites

Under the old system there used to be some insanely soft turbo satellites that you could enter. You would win a ticket for the target tournament and then un-register and be awarded the buyin amount in T$ (tournament $). You could then sell this at a nearly identical rate for real money.

This used to be a great way for lower VIP level players to burn through a lot of player points and get a really good value on them (much more than the cash rebates). Unfortunately though, under the new StarsCoin system the profitability of these satellites is greatly reduced.

In order to view the satellites simply go to the Sit & Go tab in the Pokerstars lobby and make sure you filter the buyin for "StarsCoin" as seen below.

The main issues with the new StarsCoin satellites are:
  • There aren't nearly enough of them running especially with decent buyin amounts
  • Many of the target tournaments run on the hour or even twice hourly meaning you won't have time to sell your T$
  • Some of the satellites have fields of 48 or 100 meaning that your odds of winning go way down and it takes much longer to play them
So for all of these reasons grinding out the satellites in order to spend your Pokerstars StarsCoin is not a very good idea in my opinion.

However, if you want to actually play in some of these target tournaments (and especially the promotional ones like the MicroMillions, WCOOP or SCOOP), then there is probably good value in playing these satellites. From my experience the fields in these are still very soft.

Spending Your StarsCoin on Clothes, Electronics or Tourney Tickets?

As you no doubt also noticed in the VIP store on Pokerstars you can spend your StarsCoin on a wide array of physical products as well. You can purchase a hoodie, t-shirt, Samsung Galaxy phone or an Apple iPad. Heck, you can even purchase tourney tickets, gift certificates or make a charitable donation!

The problem with a lot of this stuff (and this was the case under the old system as well) is that the value is often not really all that great.

For instance, currently for 62850 StarsCoins ($628.50 value with a cash rebate), you can get the latest iPad Air 2 shipped to your door. The problem here is that from a quick Google search Apple's official price is only $499 and it can often be found even cheaper elsewhere.

As for other stuff like tourney tickets, gift certificates or charitable donations why not just buy these yourself for the same price? Although if you really want a Pokerstars coffee mug or a bumper sticker though, then it might be worth dropping a few StarsCoins on one of these badboys!


For better or worse the new system of StarsCoin on PokerStars is what we use now. While it can be argued that the value of player points has dropped, on the bright side it has become easier to spend them.

You should simply buy the cash rebates. And it couldn't be a more simple process. Your VIP level doesn't matter anymore and you get the same value no matter how many of your StarsCoins you decide to trade in.

Lastly, if you want to learn how to start making $1000+ per month from low stakes poker games, make sure you grab a copy of my free poker cheat sheet.

Let me know your thoughts on the new PokerStars StarsCoin in the comments below. What do you spend yours on?

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  1. Honestly I actually liked the new system, it is so much better for amateurs, now they get (from all vip levels) something very close to the old platinum vip level. If you are SN it is a drop of about 25% of your RB revenue and the drop goes to 50% for SNE, but there is way more money in the hands of recreational players in form of RB.

    1. Ya I agree, this system is much better for the recs.

  2. You take the words right out of my mouth, NW :) Putting aside all those calculations (hanging oner my head every time I hear them), sometimes variety limitations make folks arrive at better conclusions ))

  3. Is it possible to earn 1 million starscoins in a year by grinding micros/lowstakes?

    1. Anything is possible but that sounds a little far-fetched.

  4. How many StarCoins could YOU generate on an average working day/ month or year, do you reckon, Nathan..?
    Enough to make a decent SEA living if the poker itself wasn't very profitable..?

  5. The best way to spend StarsCoin is to play The Deal once every 12 hours for 7 StarsCoin, because when the jackpot hits you get more than 1 cent per StarsCoin in return. So actually the reward is higher there than just exchange them for money. I know this from experience.