Modern Small Stakes is Now Available For Kindle and iPad

Modern Small Stakes for Kindle and iPad
I am very happy to announce that Modern Small Stakes is now finally available for Kindle and iPad! The mobi and epub versions of the book should also look way better than the pdf on most tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices.

Also, as promised, all previous Modern Small Stakes buyers will now be able to receive the mobi and epub versions of the book for free. 

If you are a previous purchaser and would like the mobile version of the book then please just send me an email at:

Please provide me with either of the following so that I can quickly verify your purchase:
  • The email address that you purchased the book with
  • Your full name
After this I will email you back with a link for your free downloads. Please note that all future purchasers (i.e., from today forward) will automatically receive the pdf, mobi and epub versions of the book. No need to email me. 

What is Modern Small Stakes?

Modern Small Stakes is my 2nd full length book which was released in July of last year. It picks up where Crushing the Microstakes left off by showing you how to break down and exploit the regs who will be your main competition as you move up the limits. It therefore assumes a reasonable understanding of the fundamentals. It is not intended for beginners or those struggling at the lowest stakes like it's predecessor.

In Modern Small Stakes you will learn: 
  • How to identify 9 different player types and the keys to optimal play against each of them
  • Advanced HUD setup
  • Complete ranges for every possible preflop situation against unknown opponents
  • Custom ranges for many different preflop situations against regs
  • Custom strategic advice for every possible postflop situation illustrated with over 100 highly in depth hand history examples against real opponents
  • Anti-tilt strategies, session reviews, database reviews and much, much more!
To learn more about Modern Small Stakes click here.

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