The Definitive Guide to Multi-Tabling

*Guide to multi-tabling BlackRain79Please note that this is an older article about a video series on multi-tabling. For my latest blog article on how to multi-table online poker click here.

Hey guys, I don't normally say much on here about the videos that I put out for But I am especially excited about my latest series.

Mostly because it answers a lot of the questions that I have been getting for over a year on here about multi-tabling. The series is perhaps aptly named "The Definitive Guide to Multi-Tabling." Part 1 went live a few days ago and parts 2 and 3 will be released later this month.

In part 1 I go over all of my scripts and how to set them up. This includes how I move tables around the screen as seen in my youtube video from about a month ago. As well as how I 1 click join, get seated and bought in at a table, 1 click close a table, auto timebank and lots more.

I couldn't imagine trying to play a ton of tables without some of this stuff. Being able to do something in less clicks is absolutely crucial to the success of a multi-tabler. It will free up your time to do things that actually matter like making decisions in poker hands.

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All of the scripts that I use are simple AHK programs that are 100% free. You can use a popular tool like Table Ninja to do all of the same things, but it will run you $60.

In part 2 I talk about my HUD setup. While I go over many of the same topics as the recent HUD series here on my blog (Part 1 and Part 2), I am able to cover everything in a lot more detail and show you exactly what I am talking about with my HUD setup.

And lastly in part 3, I cover lobby setup and table selection. I have seen enough disastrous lobby setups with students by now to know that this is an area where people are having some serious difficulty.

Table selection is probably the most important tool to your success as a poker player in 2019 and it starts with a lobby that is clean, concise and efficient.

While there is a certain amount of "getting used to" multi-tabling that everyone must go through (that I can't really teach), I think that having the right setup is half the battle. Hopefully this series will provide some answers in that area.

In future posts I will also get into some more advanced poker strategies that you can use while multi-tabling. Make sure you grab a copy of my free poker cheat sheet for now though.

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  1. Thanks again for the Hud tips . I changed some things on mine like the min # of hands to have hud start . Also was wondering if you could post or let us know again how much your personnel coaching rates are for us micro players . Chris

  2. Glad those posts helped. My coaching rate is $50 per hour.

  3. I was thinking of downloading the AHK program . Do you know if it works on merge Thanks..

  4. The Stars specific AHK scripts that I use won't work on Merge. But there may be Merge scripts made by now. You should check the 2+2 software forum for that. The AHK script that I use to move tables around will work on any site.

  5. Nice post and blog, keep it alive )

  6. Google is your friend...

  7. really nice video about multi-tabling

  8. Anonymous30 August

    Hi Nathan,

    I followed your blog for some time now, i found it pretty awesome and usefull , please keep it alive.

    from today i started playing FR, made an account on DTB and watched like 5 videos of yours (2 from the microstakes 1 series and all of the guide multi-tabling series) really nice videos, but in ep.1 of guide to multi tabling i saw your moving tables script that i found really hard to use and configure so maybe you'll give StackAndTile a try, very usefull, i used it from some time now, and for the microstakers it's FREE.

    i really want to see some replayer videos , because i saw the hands you explained in the replayer and i really liked how you analized them.

    keep up the good work, and good luck !

    ~sorry for my english (european inside)

  9. Hi Tony,

    Yes I forgot to mention stackandtile. I have heard that it is great. I am just used to my method and it works for me so I haven't really tried it out.

    Thanks for the feedback on the videos. I will definitely be doing more replayer type videos in the future.

  10. Anonymous31 August

    I had one more question that a forgot to ask you.

    What is the best way to spend your FPP's playing at micro to get maximum value ?

    it will be awesome if you could make a post out of this.


  11. 235 FPP hyper turbos to the Sunday Storm or w/e its called these days. Unreg, rinse and repeat. Great idea for a post. Probably will.

  12. Hi, which ahk scripts are you using and where I can download it? Thank you.

  13. Thank you for links, but I have troubles with betpot, it isnt works for me, it makes overbet on every street.

    Are you using betpot?If yes, dont you know where could be a problem?

  14. Hi Pepe,

    I don't use the betpot script. I just use the bet slider options in Pokerstars.

  15. Hi Nathan, this question is off the topic but I'll ask it here. In your book, the "AF," I can find the stat in HEM2. I found out that it equals the same as Post Flop Agg., so I have added in the stat but no one is in the range between 0-5, they are all around 40-80, even nits with huge hand samples. What's wrong? Thanks.

    1. Hi David,

      I don't use HEM2 but from a google search it looks to be there as "postflop aggression factor" under the aggression sub-heading. If you have any further difficulties finding it you should send an email to HEM2 support. They would be much more useful than me.

    2. Thank you, Nathan! What's funny is that for you "a set" is gold mining, in the past 38k hands I absolutely get pounded "sets" :D — either I got a set and they suck out a str8 or they flip over secret sets over my 2 pairs or a tptk. But doing relatively okay in NL2, tried to up it to NL5 2 days ago, played 9 tables 6 hours and couldn't win, got busted on AA about 6 times in a row lol. Anyway, thanks for your book and support, Nathan.

    3. Variance is one thing that we cannot control. All the best going forward, it'll turn around!

    4. Yeah, thanks! I have figured out what the problem was with the "AF." The stat I was using was Post Flop Aggression, which is expressed in percentage (therefore 2 digits), now I have found the desired one, Post Flop Aggression Factor.

    5. Good stuff, glad you found it!

  16. Do you have any articles or advice on how to beat local pub poker cash and sit 'n' gos? We have here a small game here every Tue and Fri, like 10NL cash, and €10 sit n gos. What play style would you recommend? I tried 17 VPIP but it's just way to tight, and you don't get too many hands either. I'm thinking about loosening up a little there, maybe to 27VPIP 22PFR, and easing up post flop, these guys cannot be bluffed; they go all-ins with €30 stacks in nl10 lol

    1. I would treat it almost like play money or NL2. Never bluff them. Constantly value bet. Get in there with lots of hands. Make overbets with big hands pre and post. A lot of the stuff that I talk about in CTM. I can't really comment on the VPIP without knowing how many people are at the table.

  17. Very nice video! Could you tell me how you move the tables? It looks like automatic!! Is it a program?

  18. Hi Nathan,
    Since it's a post on multitabling, I'd like to have your opinion on Pokerstars new policy restricting multitabling to 4 tables in cash game.
    what's your views and advice please.
    London, UK.