Table Selection with Holdem Manager

Hey guys, trying out another idea here for the blog. Continuing with the main theme from the last post about the importance of sitting with fish, I decided to make a short video to show exactly how I game select with Hold'em Manager while playing a lot of tables.

It kinda goes without saying but I forgot to mention that I am constantly cycling in high vpip tables to replace the ones that I get rid of.

Would love to hear your guys comments on the video and if this is something you would like to see more of in the future.

Do you have any tips or tricks of your own for table selecting?


  1. hey blackrain if you want to talk about poker sometime or want to make some hand analyse you can add me on skype my nick is " magorkops " iam playing NL25 regulary these times and taking shots to NL50 slowly, i have a lot of regs from lot of limits in my contact list and these contacts helped me a lot in my game :)

    here is my blog if you wanna look :)

  2. Thanks Nathan for taking the time well multi-tasking the tables That's pretty much the same way i do it. But i never thought of using my Hem table selector . I just look at the poker sites vpip% . Merge is a little different then the Full tilt one i use to play on. But i got it dialed in. I also don't like to be at tables less then 19% and tables that have high hands per hour because that means alot of folding going on regs..But some times you will find a low vpip% because a fish is just raising so high or shoving every hand so i also like to look at av pot size ...

  3. Nice Video! Like to see more. I play NL5 SH, NL10 FR. I do at least some table selection, but when I have the tables open, I stay there most of the time.

    Mabye a good time to try to change this behavior.


  4. On minute 3:00 you dont play AJs because?
    a)You are still in early pos?
    b)The raiser isnt deep enough?

    I forgot how to play FR, in 6 max i was 3 betting his ass at least 70% ^^.

  5. I folded because he is a nit raising from EP and my hand plays badly against his range. Also, I'm kind of in earlyish position myself. I'd probably flat call (I am never 3betting here against a nit) if I was in LP.

  6. (dont post this)
    Thx for the quick answer,
    check my last post
    just in case you wanna move up in the future, If I remember well, you said something about not handling variance very well, its some tips i found @ 2+2, odds are you already seen it but just in case.

  7. Hey J,

    I don't have moderation on anymore so it DID get posted lol. I can take your last comment down if you want though, just reply here. Nice charts, they look very useful. Nice looking blog as well.