When To Fold KK Preflop

How to fold KK preflop
So I alluded to wanting to post more and grow this blog again in my last couple posts. Since I am not very focused on my own poker career these days (I just play destroy NL2 for a couple hours a day), I am mostly going to be posting advice or suggestions to help you guys out.

I believe most of my audience play similarly low stakes and may be struggling with some fundamental aspects of their games. For all you Phil Ivey's out there visiting my blog, I hope I don't bore you too much!

But for the rest of you, I will start by posting a hand of the day fairly regularly to describe some concept that I think may be important. And from time to time I may write articles on some general idea like as tilt control as I have in the past.

I want my blog to be useful to you the reader so please comment on the content but also give me suggestions for future stuff to talk about. If you want to contact me privately you can shoot me an email or pm me on DragTheBar

  • UTG is a 31/1/1 semi loose passive reg

Poker Stars, $0.01/$0.02 NL Hold'em Cash Game, 9 Players

SB: $0.80
BB: $2.65
UTG: $2.75
UTG+1: $1
UTG+2: $10.87
Hero (MP1): $5.18
MP2: $6.10
CO: $2.21
BTN: $4.58

Pre-Flop: K K dealt to Hero (MP1)

UTG raises to $2.75 and is All-In, Hero???

What's Our Line?

While this may seem like a completely ridiculous first hand of the day (and it is), there are some important things to note here. It is deep (138bb effective) and a 1% pfr reg has just open shoved from UTG. The best play here is to fold.

A 1% range is AA and KK. With KK we have 23% equity against that range. While I don't advocate folding KK preflop very often, there is a specific time and place to sometimes entertain the idea.

Those conditions are
  • the effective stacks are deeper than 100bb
  • villain is so ridiculously nitty that AA makes up a big part of his range
  • we have invested very little or nothing in the pot

Results: $0.05 Pot ($0 Rake)

Hero Folds

UTG won $0.05 (+$0.03 NET)

fold kk preflop poker


  1. Hey Nathane, i think it would be cool if you posted a few hands where you didn't show us the end result like where a tuff flop comes so that's all you show us then you ask what we would do. and then when you had a few responses you could post the end result and explain to us why you played it the same way or differently then our replies . Just a suggestion..Chris

  2. Hey Chris,

    Great idea thanks! I'll probably do that for the next one. There's no "e" on the end of my name by the way lol.

  3. Welcome to: What´s our line??? ^^, I dig it.

  4. Sorry , i have a good friend and he spells his name with e on end.

  5. Haha no prob. Crazy, never seen it spelled that way.

  6. Anonymous14 September

    Does't ever make any sense to me that.

    If he's that nitty, and a reg as you put it, then this means he's only play Aces/Kings, EVER..meaning he's surely losing money long by open shoving every few times he picks them up.

    Where is his value in opening here? You want some action, not just picking up the blinds.

    I bet you will find he is shoving 10's+ from here and A,K/A,Q more likely as opposed to Aces/Kings.

    I don't like the fold and think you have crushed here.