BlackRain79 Winnings - #1 Winner of All-Time 2NL & 5NL

I have played A LOT of online poker over the years. I am talking well over 10 million hands at this point.

So, trying to figure out my total career earnings is difficult because hand histories got stored on different computers and compiled by different programs: PokerTracker and Holdem Manager.

Before PTR stopped tracking the games at Pokerstars they had me listed as the #1 winner of all-time at both NL2 and NL5. I have also had a lot of success at higher limits as well.

Here are some numbers that I have managed to piece together from my last 5 million hands or so. Most of these hands were played on Pokerstars while playing 24 tables at once (max table limit).

BlackRain79 graph

*Note that all the win-rates above are in big bets/100, not big blinds/100. 

So my results at NL2 for example are actually 29 big blinds/100 which is the common metric for online poker win-rates that most people use these days.

In addition to this, I have made tens of thousands more in rakeback earnings, having hit Supernova and milestone bonuses on Pokerstars many times.

Due to my success in these games I have started blogging about the strategy that I use to beat these games. I also recently wrote a free poker "cheat sheet" to explain it in more detail.

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My Approach to Poker Now as a 10+ Year Pro

As the game of poker continues to evolve, both online and live, I have made many adjustments over the years to continue to stay on top and also to improve my profits as a pro.

So for example in recent years I have stopped mass multi-tabling low stakes online games as much in order to focus more on table selection (finding the fish) and also, playing higher limits.

I also made the decision several years ago to "take my game on the road" so to speak. Because one of the key benefits of playing poker for a living is that you can do it from almost anywhere on earth.

So I now spend a lot of time traveling the world while being primarily based in low cost tropical locations like Thailand and The Philippines.

This also allows me to play live poker more often in places like Manila or Macau for example, where there is tons of big action and good games.

So with these two strategies I am able to make significantly more from poker now than I did in the past.

Now I do want to preface all of the above by pointing out that I have absolutely worked my ass off to achieve these results in poker.

As the famous saying goes, "poker is a hard way to make an easy living."

None of these results came easy for all.

This game can be absolutely brutal at times. You need a very high level of work ethic and emotional control in order to survive in poker over the long haul.

But I hope my success in this game is inspiring in any small way to a few of you out there who are struggling in low stakes games and trying to find a way to win consistently.

Anything is possible in this game if you want it bad enough. But it won't come easy.

If you want to know how to start consistently making $1000 per month from poker, make sure you grab a copy of my free poker cheat sheet.