Supernova Dreaming - NL25 Poker Swings

Gotta play like a madman cuz I've been slacking again and I need 25k VPP still for Nova. No room for error now. Gonna be playing a sick amount of poker from now until years end. Still rocking the NL25 and NL50 full ring for now. Doomswitched for life at 50. Destroying 25 everyday.

Tied my record for most hands ever played in a day today. lol @ standard swings near the end. The down dip was losing AA vs KK twice in a row, 2 buyins deep, both times at NL50. Then I coolered the shit out of some people to get it back and quit. Good times.


  1. 13,077 hands .Ouch you beat my most hand day by 10,077 hands LOL. Good Luck No more Slackin get the Novaaaaaaa Nathan :) :)

  2. "Dear BlackRain79,

    I have played with you online at Stars. I noticed the past three months have been the most turbulent, with unusual upswings and downswings, for you and me both.

    I observed at Poker Table Ratings that several people who play micros at Stars, including Alliinwith22, are getting unusual results that are well below average.

    Do you think this is due mainly to the fact that Stars is now raking pots less than $1?

    My personal experience is this: I beat NL $0.01-0.02, $0.02-0.05 and $0.05-010 for five years, with only one negative month. The past 100 days have been break even.

    I have even begun to wonder if the cards are non-random.

    What I have also noticed, however, is that sessions that feel like I have broken even are now losses. I have also noticed that my opponents are stronger than before. I think this is in part due to the fact that the unfriendly rake structure is dissuading the weaker players from continuing to play at Stars.

    Do you have any observations you would like to share?


  3. Bob,

    I republished your comment here because it was attached to a post from April 30 of this year.

    As to your question. For me personally, I have been playing solely NL25 and NL50 for the past 3 months. These games play massively different than NL10 and below. It is simply not possible to get a ridiculous winrate in the games that I play in, so there will be lots of turbulence. Also, I have been experimenting a lot with different playstyles and even playing 6max, not with the greatest results.

    Players are always getting a little bit better each month (probably not so true at NL2) and while the rake has increased some, I think the increases in rakeback may largely offset that (they made the July micromania promotion permanent). So while things are probably a bit tougher overall at NL10 and below, I think the tough stretches that you and allin are going through are probably just variance. I do still play these limits when making videos and I haven't noticed anything that different. Its nitty at NL5 and NL10, nothing new. Play less tables and run em over.

    Sharing the news :)

  5. Thanks J,

    I've gotten away from reading all the debate about this. I think the bill was terrible for someone like me so overall I am happy that it failed. However, as the article said, I don't think there is any winner here. This industry is still screwed until either the American gov't leaves us the fuck alone or license and regulates it fairly. Bout a 1 outer of either of those two scenarios happening =/