Almost There

3900 VPP til Supernova. Works out to about 8600 hands per day over the final 3 days of the year. Sounds like a lot but I've been playing 10-13k hands per day for 2 and a half weeks now so its pretty easy for me. I will certainly be very relieved to get it done though. And I will never, ever leave something like this to the last minute again. Ok, I probably will but the point remains!

Never played this much poker in my life and its teaching me a lot about this game and how to be a real professional. I believe this experience will be invaluable to me next year. The downswings have been tough to grind through but luckily there haven't been very many prolonged ones (30k hands was the longest one). And they go by really fast with this kind of volume. I haven't been able to play all that optimally while 24 tabling 8-10 hours a day but I'm reasonably satisfied with the results. I'm winning and will post a graph in a few days.

My final NL5 video was just released on DragTheBar so head on over there and get your free trial or sign up to see the whole series. I had a lot of fun making those videos and even the NL2 ones. I actually play really well when its only 4 tables lol. I will be filming the NL10 series soon and those should all be released in January.


  1. Nathan,although I only watched the first few videos under the trial membership I enjoyed them very much.(aka Bigmagic)I found your blog and will continue to pick up what tidbits I can from you. Thanks

  2. Nathan a 30k downswing? Wow maybe I just run bad at 6max.

  3. Ron,

    Thanks for the kind words. Ya 30k hands where everything is as horrible as can be. Had a couple 100k's in the past so this isn't too bad.

  4. Congrats on the inevitable nova! I am a bit jealous, we had played the same stakes since NL2 but you have jumped ahead of me. Doesn't help that I'm the biggest bankroll nit ever and want 100 buyins for any level I play regularly.

    I'll see you at NL25 shortly, if you're still plying that stake at all :)

  5. Adam,

    Thanks man. Plenty of people that I have met over the years who I am jealous of too who play mid or high stakes now. If you really want to get somewhere in this game you will find ways to make it happen is what this supernova chase has taught me. Who knew I could play 200k hands in the last 2 weeks? Your game was plenty solid enough for the small stakes from what I recall. Give it your all in 2011 and see what happens.


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