LOL Variance - NL25 versus NL50

NL25 6max so far

NL50 6max so far

Everyday I play them both at the same time. Every day I get crushed at 25 and do some crushing at 50. It makes no sense at all. It just goes to show how meaningless sub 100k sample sizes are. Heck, I think 100k isn't good enough anymore given the smaller winrates in today's games.

I don't really pay much attention to the EV adjusted stuff in HEM as I think its just sillyness (doesn't take into account coolers etc). Also its something most poker players like to whine about and use to make themselves feel miserable.

But of course I did just check and its pretty awesome. The graph above says I'm down 22 buyins at NL25. According to EV I should be down just a single buyin. The graph above says I'm up 15 buyins at NL50. According to EV I should be up only 5 buyins.

Forget about the stuff that you don't control and just grind.


  1. Hi Rain,

    I recently got the free trial for drag the bar and watched ur videos, they're pretty cool!

    A question about the colour rings for nits, medium and loose players, how do you get the colour rings to mark players? mine just has player notes and block chat and stuff, i cant figure out how to get the colour rings.

    Thanks for your help man


  2. betidiots,

    Have you somehow got a crazy old version of the client? You just double click on someone or go to the notes tab. Then use the drop down menu. I mark people throughout the videos so if there is any confusion still, watch again :p

  3. cheers man,

    Actually 10 minutes after i posted that comment i found where to click, always happens that way...i played a session after that and one table i had 5 fish at lol.

    Do you always have the table theme where you dont see the picture images of people or just for those videos?


  4. Ya I always have avatars off. Some of them tilt me to no end! lol

  5. Anonymous16 November

    "If I see one more ****ing baby picture I'm open shoving K/2o UTG for 400 bb's".

  6. So why no Full ring games anymore?? Do you think at 6 max the game is a totally different game than Full Ring? Do you have to adjust your play style big time to play 6 max ??
    Keep grindin Good luck, Chris

  7. Darian,

    Exactly how I feel lol


    I figured it was time for a change after a few million hands lol. Too many nits, burnt out on it, idk. At higher limits you gotta know 6max anyways so I may as well learn it. Also, the VPP rate is higher. And its just more fun imo. I never have to fold QQ or AK preflop again!

  8. Oh ya, to answer your other question. I don't think the difference between 6max and FR is that big. I mean you can basically just view and play 6max like FR (minus the first 3 seats). But it is of course a little more aggro and people show up lighter more often for the simple fact that it is less likely somebody has a really strong hand with fewer players at the table.

  9. In fact for me, (hope that can help somes guys)the difference between 6max and FR (at those limit, NL10 and NL25) is:

    FR, you can limp more. 6max, be more agressive. If I need to be more clear, you should bet or 3bet preflop 90% of yours hands in 6max. Your vpip/pfr should be very close like (if you're tight) 20/19 as example.

    It seems to work for me since I started to do that. DON'T LIMP preflop, it's my new resolution ;)

    GL to all, GL BR

  10. sup Rain,

    i was wondering if its possible...for your player hud, is there an option to filter the hud to only record and show stats for 6 max and FR separately, cos if u play say 1k hands with someone at FR and then u switch over to 6 max and that particular player sits down obviously his stats will be much tighter since you've played with him at FR and also vice versa.

    cheers mate


  11. Thats a really good question. I don't know. I am sure there is probably a way in HEM to do that though. I have only seen a handful of FR guys at 6max so it hasn't been much of an issue for me. I guess for the few that I have seen I just assume they are going to be a similar player type at 6max and disregard what the HUD says.

  12. Hey BR79. Keep your head up! You are going to get alot of haters talkin sht now. Dont let it get to you. People want you to lose so, they can make on comment on your PTR. I cant wait til people are calling me a fish on my PTR. It means you are starting to have success. Oh, do you have call of duty black ops? There was a guy on there named blackrain. GL sir.

  13. hey blackrain, i'd like to ask u something about nl2, i have a pretty good winrate in that level, i play with 100bb, i been having some troubles with TPTK hands though, how do u play them in that level? if villian calls flop and there are no draws on the turn u check to pot control? same with over pair vs set hands, im usually stacking off. Also i'd like to ask what was ur 3-bet range pre flop, im usually only 3-beting with QQ+ AK, sometimes against nit regs my range is slighty wider, thanks.

  14. Hi guys, sorry it took awhile for the replies


    I don't pay much attention anymore to what gets said on there about me. I don't really know who any of those people are, so they're comments aren't very important to me. Not me on the video game. Although I am a huge fan of the COD series. I quit playing em cuz I get too addicted haha.


    I try and get a good idea of who the nitty regs are and find folds against them when they start fighting back a bunch and I only have one pair. Other than that, I usually just look to play big pots with TPTK+ hands. Thats about what I would do at NL2 for 3betting as well. My range is pretty tight.

  15. Hey Rain zup!
    Wanted to ask, r u on a break or somnthin? are you considering to go back down or fullring?
    btw, somebody recomended me this guys book and its pretty good..
    U should read it if u havent done it already.
    2:I think u were doing better when u were not being staked and doing ur own thing imo. cheers

  16. Might play some full ring again sometime. No plans right now though. I won't be playing below NL25 ever again, except to make videos. Ya he's my favorite poker player for years. I've read his book, watched that interview. Thanks though.