A cool thousand

Well I lied. This is my next post but I can't say anything yet. Next week at the latest I'm told! Sorry :)

So I don't really have anything to post. My graph for NL25 this month is now exactly $1000.00 so that is neat.

BlackRain79 NL25


  1. hot looking graph mate, god i'm glad i found this blog when i did, i'm really enjoying watching you develop, although i think i'll have to go back from the start and see what I've missed on.

    Keep it up

  2. Thanks Custo.

    I didn't publish one comment because the person got it basically. God I suck at secrets lol. I just can't say anything yet. I didn't think it would take this long. Soon though.

  3. Black ,you never ansewred my ?? why did you play the deepstack tables at .01-.02 & .02-.05 ???? instead of regular 100BB tables is there a strategy im missing or something??
    Thanks Chris

  4. Chris,

    All tables at those limits allow for deepstacked play as the buyin range is 40bb-250bb. I always chose to buying for the max. If you think you are one of the best players at the table, and you have a good bankroll, then you should always buyin for the max imo.

  5. that 20bi upswing at the end looks like it was fun. glad youre posting more. looking forward to reading.


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