Hands Played Today - 7035

Hands Played August - 14199



  1. Hey black, what do you think about the PTR grader?

  2. I don't really use it. Seemed silly when I saw it before. I don't know what criteria they use for grading.

  3. Can you tell me what was your biggest downswing at nl2? And did u make table selection there?


  4. Hi BR,

    I’m sure its somewhere in your blog but can you please tell me why you are mass multi tabling 2nl & 5nl? From what I thought you used to play 25nl-100nl?

    Also, and I ask this with 100% seriousness, how on earth do you keep yourself motivated to play at the smallest limit there is?

    I am new to your blog and will admit I am already a big fan. I have nothing but admiration for what must be a massive amount of discipline you obviously have and wish you all the best in your future endeavours in the poker world. Discipline and success at these levels I’m sure will bring big things and I look forward to following.

    Regards from Australia

  5. Cp,

    Never really used table selection at NL2. Biggest DS was 5 buyins I think, as in 25 dollars.


    I talk about it in this post

    Paying bills keeps me motivated. Seriously though, it is stupid, I am the first to admit it...playing so many hands at such low limits. I really only play a couple of hours a day on average though. But I cashout big chunks of my bankroll each month for expenses and it keeps me down. I will move up one day though, or just post my graph in BBV and get staked for NL200 lol.

  6. PTR grader compares your stats to everyone elses stats, and grades on a curve like college, where it compares your stats to the stats of the highest winners for that stake. so the grader can very from stake to stake.

  7. What are you talking about 'couple hours a day on average' .. if you play 1920 hands/hour which is about the max average for Full Ring, then it takes you at least 5 hours of continuous play not counting breaks to play 10k hands, and you play anywhere from 7k to 12k most of the time. so that's 3.5 to 6 hours a day AT LEAST, and we know how averages in the real world are always less due to slow players, disconnections, etc...
    do you only play so many days a week? I haven't paid attention to the dates..


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