Hands Played Today - 5945

Hands Played August
- 127405



  1. Wow, reviewed your 5900 hands today.
    Just looked like your big AA KK hands would'nt hold today, sucks.I guess the bright side is you made enough yesterday to cover the loss today plus you get the rakeback or points that pokerstar gives.
    Hope you Kickass this week :} Good luck ...

  2. Ya, was one of those days. Thanks, gl to u2

  3. havnt seen any posts recently. stick with it man. love reading your updates.

  4. just checked PTR.Blackrain stopped playing 7 days ago. I hope you all right man

  5. looks like last session was a pretty bad -$32.10. that might have been enough to shake him and need a day off. its pretty sick how many "in-th-green" sessions he can string together. if i could do that, losing 6 buyins would definitely tilt me.

    dont ever play limit holdem or plo mate. swings are sickening. hope youre back soon.


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