Hands Played Today - 7065

Hands Played July - 95096


Been running pretty bad the past two days. Not quite as bad as during my recent NL25 foray but annoying enough. I actually tilted off a buyin today which I haven't done at NL5 in as long as I can remember. I was playing some Korean nit heads up after a table break. Out of nowhere, he starts 3betting me every hand...an 8/6 nit. I 4bet him light once or twice and he generally gave up.

The preflop wars continued and eventually we got 250bb stacks in the middle on the flop with my middle pair against his top pair. Really bad in a vaccuum. Still pretty bad even given the dynamic between us. I shouldn't be playing nits heads up in the first place though. I don't need to prove anything. I am just there to get the fishes money.


  1. imnotinsane20 July

    can't remember when you tilted off a buyin before that ?? none-tilt master you are.

    last day I played (I can't play now im finishing some work, 2 weeks at least :(, I 4bet, 5bet all-in when a nit 3bet me 3 times in a row. I had KJs he had KK pot 300bb lol

    running awful for the month too

  2. Anonymous20 July

    guys dont try to find some tricky playing from these players, sniky 3betted me in short times too much times and everytime had KK+, just fold

    btw nh today big pot we played :d

  3. I've tilt off 100bb many times. I mean I rarely go crazy when my opponent has 250bb like me. Yup, nits always have it :p

  4. Squibsorz22 July

    Why do you wanna make the jump from 5nl to 25nl instead of going to 10nl?

  5. cuz I can beat either of them.

  6. Squibsorz22 July

    well i figured that, but i mean why did you wait at 5nl that long and then jump to 25 and not make the 10nl jump then 25?

  7. I'm comfortable at NL5, have a bazillion notes etc. My goal is to play NL25 and higher. I don't care about NL10.

  8. Squibsorz22 July


  9. I have a few questions for ya...
    ZomBParadox on stars for history...

    I think I've only played over 7k hands in day a couple times. How many hands/hour is your average? What's your min and max hours in a day? What's your average session length before a break?

    What do you feel are the major differences between 2nl, 5nl, and 25nl? (i assume you haven't played 10nl really? i find it closer to 25nl anyways)

    Do you ever find making calls/raises because of info from your HUD, that get you into trouble?

    Before you move up again, how are you doing at shifting gears? ;)

  10. Hi ZomB,

    I 24 table. I think its 1300 or 1400 hands per hour at NL5. My sessions are normally 2.5 hours. I play between 1 and 3 of these a day depending on busyness in life or if running horribly bad.

    There are massive differences between those levels. All the obvious stuff like preflop looseness, pre and postflop aggression, and number of regs.

    I have made bad plays in the past on HUD information but not much anymore. I understand necessary sample sizes for different stats a lot better now.

    Its more the opposite. I need to not try and do so much next time I move up. Running anything close to normal would help too. gl


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