Hands Played Today - 7030

Hands Played July - 7030


I returned to NL5 today. I didn't run particularly well once again but at least I played a lot better and booked a small win. I ran pretty good in SnG's though. I tried the 280FPP hyper turbo's today for the first time. I avoided them for the longest time because I thought they were stupid crapshoots.

I was wrong. Not only are they over in 5 minutes but the play is so bad in them, that I think my longterm winrate might even be better than in the 210's which I have played for the longest time. 210's also take 45 minutes to finish.

I played 32 280's today and got 11 dollars in T$ 15 times, got my 280FPP back 6 times, and failed to cash 11 times. Thats .023 on my FPP's. For comparison, Stars best bonus, the Supernova 4k works out to .016 per FPP. Keep in mind that I ran a bit hot and 32 SnG's isn't a legit sample. But the FPP value is nice nonetheless.

Stars "micromania" in July is also making me feel a bit better about things. I gained a lot more VPP than normal today. I worked out my NL5 "rakeback" today to 42% of what I get at NL25. Definitely a lot better than normal.


  1. lamphi02 July

    Interesting, I was "regular" for the 210. Just need more stat at 280 and I will move up.

    Good you make some mmoney yesterday. I was not so bad too (doesn't see that for a long time).


  2. Anonymous03 July

    I was reading a blog you posted earlier about using ffp and selling tourney tickets instead of buying bonuses thx btw.I found it to be more profitable.What rate are you selling them for?I get $10.45 for $11 tickets currently.

  3. Anon,

    I sell my T$ on 2+2 for 99.5% of its value.

  4. Anonymous03 July

    Thx & better luck next time you try nl25.I have to admit I was kinda glad to see you gone for a bit @ nl5 im not too thrilled when youre at a table im on lol

  5. Anonymous03 July

    why don't u move up?


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