Hands Played Today - 2560

Hands Played July - 16666



  1. sir u are not just beating, but u are abusing the nl2 level. and hell u make more money's than most who play higher levels than you. and i also see that you used to play the mid-stakes. what i wonder is why do u continue to seriously grind the u-stakes when u know that the game is so different from nl100 on? i mean doesn't it get to a point where ur game gets stuck in ul bad habits?

    i ask bc i recently had to cash out, and i really don't like the thought of buying back in, but i also don't like the thought of grinding up to $500 (4 nl25 obv) from $25 again either...seems like a waste of time...

    but then i see ur stinking garph! (very nice slope) and it makes me seriously consider this option

    anyway, keep up the good work, and i look forward to playing against u...at nl25 lol, cause ur killin nl2

  2. I just try to tailor my game to the stake that I am playing. There are many things that I do now at NL5 that would be really bad at NL100 and vice versa. When I move up I will make the necessary adjustments.

    If you are good enough to beat NL25+ and have 500 to deposit then yes it is probably a better idea. If I had to start from the very bottom I would want at least 100 though so I could mass multitable NL2.

    Thanks for the compliments and gl.


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