Hands Played Today - 7436

Hands Played June - 67210



  1. Squibsorz10 June

    i see that you avg. about 100 hands per table during a session. I was wondering what, if any, guidelines you put on that. Do you leave after youve made a full buyin?

  2. I didn't even know that stat myself. To answer your question, I don't use any guidelines. I simply sit at 24 tables and I usually play until I reach 3500 hands which works out to 2.5 hours. I usually leave a table when it becomes shorthanded or there are too many nits.

  3. NobrainQQ11 June

    Man, you have my respect.
    Found you on PTR. Ive read your entire blog => thanks!

    Im the one looking for inspiration and advice here, but I think you could reconsider taking the NL10 step, cause that additional step can turn this transition to upper levels more solid.

    Good luck!

  4. Thanks NobrainQQ, good luck to you as well.


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