Hands Played Today - 7098

Hands Played June - 84838



  1. Hey BR, want to say congrats on the grind first of all, awesome ethic with the volume you put in. Would also like to say, move up man! You should be taking in ALL that PS has to offer.

    I have a question for you, if you have the time. In one of your earliest posts you stated the following:
    "Fuck this game. It makes no sense at all lol. How the hell is it not rigged, seriously? "

    I'm wondering how you got past this point? I find myself constantly tilting, thinking this game is rigged, PS is rigged, guys like you have a 'boomswitch' account, etc... I've wanted to give up so many damn times! I just can't see how the suckouts and bad beats can happen so damn often when it's just 2 players in a hand.

    Any secret to how you got past that statement? Did you read more, watch videos, fold more, meditate, witchcraft, voodoo? Anything?

    Thanks for your time man, Keep up the great work.

  2. Cho,

    Thanks for the kind words. I get told to move up constantly. Believe me I know I need to more than anyone. It stems from a longstanding irrational fear of higher levels even though logically, I know I can beat them. While I do cashout often, so my bankroll isn't that big, I put in so much volume now that moveups will become inevitable. I decided to just answer your question in a blog post because I wrote a fair bit.


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