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Hands Played Today - 7041

Hands Played June - 126185


I can't complain about this month, especially the last week. Its been smooth sailing. I gave up using a HUD a week or two ago. It was lagging my computer too much which was tilting in and of itself. I actually kind of prefer playing without one anyways. All the regs at NL5 are pretty much the same...really, really tight. And unknowns are pretty much always bad.

A few months ago I erased all EV programs off my computer because I think looking at them when running bad can just reinforce negative feelings. But AA vs KK has been so out of whack this month that I had to get setometer again and see it for myself.

I've lost an incredible $80 in AA vs KK situations so far this month, mostly 5 dollars at a time as I rarely fold KK preflop for only 100bb, but often do so against tight regs for 250bb. I don't think I have ever seen such a wide discrepancy in BB amount. However the same goes for my set hitting abilities. As can been seen by all the blue in the graph, I am hitting an insane amount of sets this month. So it all balances out.

For comparison, the above is my setometer on the year. I am hitting well more than my fair share of sets. But I am well below average in set over set and AA vs KK. The sample size is 1 million hands.

P.S. before I get a bunch of comments asking for this program here is a link


  1. hey rain, you probably know already but on poker table ratings ur status has gotten past the average 70 and gone into the red warm status pretty cool, good job!

  2. Anonymous19 June

    you must have a good memory. I would feel lost without my hud, in 5NL its so important to distinguish between the tipical 5/6 tight reg and the 55/20 awful player.

    try HEM it doesnt lag for me (PT3 did a lot with 12 tables+)

  3. Rosenfloggen19 June

    HEM lags for me at 12 tables. I actually had to fold/sit out a set due to pokerstars/HEM crashing while I was running it, though to be fair this PC is out of date.

    That being said, I don't think I'd give it up. It actually keeps me off of tilt since I more easily dismiss bad beats and it helps me not feel like I'm just awful when I lose out against lucky rivers against high vpip players.

  4. betidiots,

    I did see that. Nice lol.


    I use notes a lot and I play a ton of hands. So its not so much a good memory. That said, I will be getting HEM soon.


    Hmm, haven't heard of too many problems with it. Its probably just your pc. Maybe try more ram if you don't want to get a new system.


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