Hands Played Today - 6053

Hands Played June - 146422


Last 2 days sucked. Serious heater today. Just played one long session. Nice when you hit everything in sight.


  1. Anonymous22 June

    Hey BR, weird what you say a few days ago about "rigging". as a consistent winner whos tracked and seen an enormous amount of hands ....any more thoughts on this rigging ? I've only played a miniscule amount of hands (compared to you and other grinders) but seen weird stuff, which yeah, I have put down to variance, (hey weird stuff does happen)

    Like I said, with the amount of hands you've seen I'm sure ppl would apreciate your comment.

  2. lamphi22 June

    Nice day bud.

    Was so much up and down those last days, I finally restart my HUD. I'm still not losing player but I feel working for ps and not for my bankroll.

    As a super tight (you know ;) ) I've no problem with hands selection of course. The problem (even if we already talk about) is to continue to play with no fear post flop. You see what I mean ? AA or KK and the guy raise you post-flop (O no, not an other set against my sooooo beautifull hand,...lol) because with is 78 he find a middle pair.

    I loose, that's poker but I need to play my wining hand when it's the time.

    No place for fear when you play poker. That's my lesson.

    That's an other discussion, but I see a lot of correlation with life. If you're an open mind, poker can learn you many things not only for the game, but for outside the game too.

    Take care man


  3. Anon,

    I am just joking when I say rigged. I don't actually believe that even when I am running at my worst. Sometimes I wish I had taken Stats in College though as it is impossible to comprehend certain stretches in poker. I have been winning for a long time at this game. That is all that I ultimately care about. The only thing that I was trying to get across (to myself) in that blog post, was to stop trying to understand or care about all the short term BS.


    I like what you said in the last paragraph there. I have always felt that poker is a microcosm for life. There are so many important lessons that it teaches like discipline, emotion control, ego humbling lol. If you can make it in this game, you will probably be very successful in other areas also.

  4. On the topic of variance...

    As a primarily live player for years prior and mostly now along with online play, the variance in online play, although significant, is nothing compared to live one tabling.

    Playing 8, 12, 24 tables, whatever, EV evens itself out so much faster than when you're seeing 30 hands an hour at a live table that is a variance fest because people are stuck their entire pension check and shoving desperately trying to get it back. Still an +EV situation of course, but the swings will be wild.


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