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  1. Anonymous25 June

    Your discipline is truly commendable. The fact that you continue to question your commitment to discipline is inspiring.
    Once upon a time I held the crown or was at least one of the top performers at Stars NLH .02 / .05 2002 - 2003ish It was recreational for me at the time. I have recently started playing again with a mind towards taking it seriously. My Win Rate is over 7 which includes a tilt off donk session of almost my entire mini roll.
    I have never used a HUD or any other poker aid/calculation software. Do you think it is an absolute necessity to be the best player possible? I have read in forums that as players move to the upper levels they ditch it and play more with feel, which is the type of player I am. I'm not comfortable at this time to post my screen name, however if you email me ibetyouforget at gmail dot com I will reply with it ( I hope you do ). We are players that have both had long term success at the micro level perhaps we can help each other move up through the ranks. Either way, continued success.

    One of your many admirers

  2. Thanks for the nice words. I don't think a HUD is necessary to beat the games at a good clip. I have played most of this month without one. But I know the regs inside and out from memory. Good fundamentals are what makes a winning poker player. But a HUD does help, especially if most players are unknown to you.

    As for tracking software like PT or HEM, I think you should absolutely get one if only just to keep detailed unbiased data on your own results. Continued success to you as well.

  3. ZomBParadox what do you remember without your HUD? :P


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