Hands Played Today - 7454

Hands Played May - 72529



  1. Ricky Soto11 May

    BR --- is there a difference in the play mornings and nights?

    I think the mornings are europeans players and nite is mostly USA?

    Thanks - Ricky

  2. Ricky,

    Good question. A few years ago it was nights for sure. I am not so sure about that now. The peak traffic level on Stars is now during the morning. More players = more potential fish. But North Americans are still generally worse at poker than Europeans imo. Personally, I just play both.

  3. Anonymous12 May

    Do you coach NL2 ? I'm serious.

    I am at 22 k hand in NL2 with a 8bigblind/100 hand

    I multitable 20 table + at the time ! But I think I can have a better winrate ....

    What is you winrate in nl2 ?


  4. Anon,

    My winrate at NL2 is 14BB/100 or 28bb/100.

    I do not currently coach lol. Maybe I will setup some coaching plan on here in the future if there is interest. I'm not sure it would work for NL2 type players though. I would need at least 15 bucks an hour which is like 3 buyins lol.

  5. Anonymous12 May

    ok, thx for ur awnser, u have a pretty sick winrate !! How much table do you play at once ?

    You play full buy-in (5$) ?

    Want is you winrate in hourlyrate ?

    I'll keep follow ur blog !

  6. 24 tables, $5 buyin. Not sure what the hourly is. Probably something like 10. Thanks.

  7. Anonymous12 May

    Last question ! To play 24 table you must have a basic strategie are you only play Prenium hand and some hand at the buttom and cutoff ?


  8. Yup. With 24 tables, I play fairly tight overall. My position and my opponents tendencies play a big role in what hands I play though.


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