Hands Played Today - 7004

Hands Played May - 238519!


Well May is over. I broke my record for most hands played in a month for the third consecutive month. And I smashed it by 32k hands. So I am very happy about that.

My winrate was just 6 BB/100 which is quite disappointing. It was 9 or 10 BB/100 in the exact same game just a year or two ago as documented in this blog. However, I only ran a little bit below EV, so it is mostly due to games getting harder. I can't do anything about that.

I got to Goldstar and gained a total of 3922 VPP. With about $200 in FPP value and stellar rewards + $1416 in poker winnings the grand total is just over $1600 USD or $1700 CAD with the current exchange rate.

Goals for June are to play more than 238519 hands, move up to NL25, and get Platinum Star.


  1. lamphi01 June

    Congrats man

  2. Betyamama01 June

    Great month.. Very inspiring... When do you plan on making the switch?

    Also, would you make more money @ 2NL w/ 11BB/100 or @ 5NL with 6bb/100?

    Are you going to 24 table 25NL? I assume your win rate should be cut in half again moving up to that limit?

  3. Anonymous01 June

    Great job and great inspirational blog.

    Will be watching you progress up in stakes for sure.

  4. Congrats man. What is your 2+2 name? I wanna PM you something.

  5. Thanks guys. Will probably move up in a week or so. Yes, my winrate will be cut in half at least at NL25, especially since I may have to play 20-50bb tables. NL5 is slightly more profitable than NL2 for me overall. My 2p2 name is BlackRain.

  6. Anonymous02 June

    Congrats! Another great month for you!!

    There's something I don't understand though.
    Why don't you move up to NL10 instead of NL25?
    That way you can play on 100BB+ tables, keeping your winrate decent.
    NL25 plays A LOT different from NL5, you will need some time to adapt, that's for sure (skipping NL10 may be dangerous too)! And playing shortstacked (50BB-) will make you lose the edge you have over the competition...

    Needs to be meditated...

  7. Anon,

    I have plenty of experience at NL25 and higher. I will have to make some adjustments for sure but I will manage. I see NL5 and NL10 as similar games. I prefer to play deep stacked when I can.


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