Hands Played Today - 10175

Hands Played May - 104114


I know I have some people reading this blog now and I feel like I should put some content on here from time to time. Truthfully, I have been on a horrible downswing this whole month (excluding today) and didn't feel like writing anything. It would all be negative anyways.

I am trying to follow rule number 3 from that list I posted last week which involves shutting the fuck up about running bad. I just get more tilted usually when I rant on here anyways. It doesn't help lol.

All my play this month has been at NL5. I am on pace for 231k hands which is great. I am still hoping to move up to NL25 this month. I will probably at least try out the 20-50bb tables as its the same buyin amount I use right now at NL5.


  1. Anonymous16 May

    If you plan on making 25NL this month are you skipping 10NL ?

  2. Yes. Since I always buyin deep at NL5, NL10 is just the same thing but with only 100bb.


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