Hands Played Today - 11.5k

Hands Played March - 22.5k


Not looking at the cashier is such a hugely +EV thing to do. I never know how much I am up or down and therefore don't get attached to dollar amounts. I can happily play all day never having the tilty emotions of not doing that well or being down. Conversely I don't have the protective nervous feelings of being up big. Cuz the truth is that it doesn't matter what happens on any given day at all.

I have done the not look thing during a session before but doing it over a whole day is very very hard, at least right now. I gave in once yesterday and then looked at the end of the day as well. Just really want to concentrate on only looking at the end of the day right now. I plan to try days on end next week and maybe weeks or a month in the future.

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